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Massive Lower Engine Mounts FORD

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More Information Year Model SubModel Cylinders Liter Aspiration Eng Desg. Fuel Notes
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Product Description

Excessive wheel hop plagues the Focus in standard form. Not only is this an embarrassing stop light antic, but of course it will seriously impede your ability to smoke that Camaro or Cobalt in the next lane. This also puts incredible shock and abuse on all drive line components and is the leading cause of axle failure. Upgrade to custom Massive spec polyurethane bushings for the best in motion control. Adds some real stiffness to the motor, drastically reducing movement. Expect better shift feel, no more loud banging noise from the stock mount bottoming out on hard shifts, less wheel hop, and more power to the ground! These mounts also are designed in such a way that the inserts can not come dislodged from the housing.

EXCLUSIVE: Massive ALSO includes our complete HIGH STRENGTH HARDWARE kit! Even stock foci have been know to break OE hardware, and with the added stiffness of your new mounts, failure of low grade stuff is inevitable. Often times corrosion will make re-using factory hardware impossible. We selected the highest quality grade 10.9 yellow zinc hex head cap screws and washers for the ultimate in strength.

Available as press in bushings or new EZ-MOUNT: Reclaimed OE housings are disassembled, blasted, checked and powder coated texture black. Massive bushings pre installed! Install is 2 bolts!!! 00-07 cars eligible for a $10 core return upon receipt of your usable OE core (within 30 days)!

EZ-Mount available with 2 different durometers, 76A for most street applications, and 95A SuperRace. SupeRace is extremely stiff and recommended for competition use only. Will add significant vibrations. SuperRace only available as assembled mount as a special fixture must be used for pressing in.

Very straight forward installation. If you need assistance, let us know and we’ll walk you through it! Should take less than 1 hour for the average car guy (or girl). Kit comes with instructions. Signature Massive PURPLE bushings. Super high quality construction. Quality made right here in the USA!!!

Product Reviews

Big Improvement , Tuesday, January 17, 2017

I own a 07 SES 5 speed manual with 150,000mi.

The original Ford OEM lower engine mount’s rubber is pretty much destroyed.

The Massive urethane (76A) engine mount cured these symptoms:
— Car used to ‘shutter’ starting in first gear.
— Car started with a loud ‘thunk’.
— Push the accelerator and the car is more responsive.
— In all gears, speeds, shifts, the car is smoother.