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Massive MSX 90 Performance Ignition Package FORD

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Product Description

Genuine MSD 40,000 Volt High Performance Coil Pack AND Massive MSX 90 Low Impedance Spark Plug Wires
Install into factory coil mount. This is a BOLT on installation. REALLY improves spark charcteristics. Expect a smoother idle, MORE horsepower, and even a little better gas mileage! The coil is designed with improved materials and windings to produce a hotter and stronger spark. This improved spark helps burn the fuel mixture more efficiently resulting in a smooth idle and improved mid range rpm power. This is good insurance and should be mandatory for those of you going to forced induction or nitrous, as detonation from a weak spark will ruin your engine faster than you think. Includes aluminum spacers and stainless hardware neccesary for install. Massive’s MSX pure power silicone wires are not only good looking but have far lower resistance than other wires. These 90 series wire pack a 1200 Degree glass impregnated outer layer for the ultimate in heat resistance and wire life. These wires have an extra thick boots for excellent life and to keep the elements from corroding the contacts. Each wire has its own wire number marker and an included wire loom seperator to keep the wires tidy and looking good. Dielectric grease is included to ease both installation and future removal. These wires are covered by Massive’s unbeatable limited LIFETIME WARRANTY. Quality made in the USA!!! Factory Focus wires WILL NOT work with the MSD coil pack. These are Massive’s custom hybrid wires with clip on ends and shorter overall length. Fairly straight forward installation, which comes with our own full color step-by-step instructions. If you need assistance, let us know and we’ll walk you through it! Should take less than 1 hour for a novice car guy (or girl). Coil comes in MSD Red, wires are available in your choice of Red , Yellow , Purple, Orange, Black or Blue. Please specify desired wire color when ordering

Product Reviews

2003 svt zx3 , Wednesday, November 20, 2013

massive is great to work with if you have a problem thay will help you to the best of there abilty great co will work with again with my turbo build thanks guys your great keep up the good work