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Massive PORTWERKS CNC Ported Cylinder Head - ULTIMATE V1.2

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Product Description

Simply the best head money can buy.

Massive has created the worlds TOP FLOWING CYLINDER HEAD SERIES for modern Ford 4 cylinders!!!

5 Axis CNC machined for the best in consistency and flow!

In our quest for power superiority, OE heads are flow tested on a Superflow SF-600 flow bench at 28” of water to determine base line flow numbers. After the initial flow test the heads were ported by hand to develop a working port shape and volume. The head was then reflowed after hand porting to verify the increase in flow. The heads are then reverse engineered using 5-axis digitizing to acquire the port shape of the finished port. This makes for the greatest possible flow capacity and consistency.
Heads begin as production cores which are fully disassembled and hi temp washed. They are then CNC machined using 5-axis simultaneous machining. All ports and chambers are machined then hand finished to blend out any unwanted tool marks. All valve guides are honed to size and a multi-angle valve job is cut into the head. The valve job is cut using Newen single carbide insert style cutters of varying profiles. The valve job is hand lapped in then blended to the finished port and chamber. The heads are then surfaced and reflowed again to confirm that the finished product performs as expected. Our designs outflow ANY competitor Zetec/Duratec head without sacrificing velocity. Substantial chamber modification for superior flow dynamics and greater resistance towards detonation. NEW on 2011’s heads:

  • High rate valve springs allow for elevated RPM usage without float. High boost applications WON’T force force them open.
  • Improved lightweight retainers. This reduced valve train weight allows faster revs and avoids valve float while maintaining strength.
  • SuperTech OVERSIZE +1mm undercut stainless steel black nitride hardened valves. Undercutting, in addition to reducing the valve weight (which provides benefits in opening rate and RPM limits) the radius of the head is such that is significantly improves air/fuel flow. Fully swirl polished. Nitriding reduces guide friction and increases surface hardness.
  • Fel-Pro PREMIUM valve stem seals standard
  • Zetec Includes Massive Cam Cap Bolt Kit standard. Does away with odd reverse torx head bolts Ford provides, far superior strength fasteners employing separate washer.
  • Zetec CNC Big Cam Clearancing program allows for usage of ALL commercially available cam profile with no further modification. Even Crower stage 2’s have been known to hit stock castings. Previously this would need to be done by hand, and of course that welcomes inconsistency and potential for lifter damage. Often this condition would not be discovered until head was installed on vehicle making a clean procedure all but impossible.

Core return required (must be identical casting # on Duratec) or $200 core fee must be collected. Due to the specialized low volume nature of these products there can be some lead time for final assembly.

Product Reviews

OMG, Friday, August 23, 2013

Several years ago we purchased an “Ultimate Head” and bolted it on our box stock ZX2 engine that already had Jenvy throttle bodies. We bought the head with Crower stage II cams. My God! With no other changes it turned our car into a rocket.

Our car is a Birkin (Lotus Seven Clone) and strictly a track vehicle. No other Seven, or even a lot of Corvettes and Vipers cannot beat it. If you are serious about power you cannot beat this option. We are so impressed we now have out second “Ultimate Head” for our new engine and using the old head for our back-up engine. If you want to make a “night and day” difference in your Zetec quit whining and spring for this head. It is well worth it.

I am not paid or compensated for this endorsement, I just know the results of using it and want to share some truthful facts. There are a lot of claims and bullshit out there but this is the real deal. I have been racing for over 50 years so I know of what I speak!

Folis Jones
Folis Jones Racing (Birkin SS)(see customer rides)
Suffolk, Virginia