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Massive Speed BOOST-PAK FORD

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Click For More Info 2007 - 2011 MUSTANG SHELBY GT500 V8 5.4 ALL ALL ALL

Product Description


The new Shelby GT 500 is an amazing ride. Styling, looks, handling and of course POWER make it truly one of the best Mustangs in history. The 5.4 32 valve motor is pressurized via an Eaton screw type blower to the tune of 450 HP… But maybe the most intriguing features of this new SVT creation is the ability to produce MORE POWER so easily. Back it all up with a stout bottom end capable of sustaining 50-75% greater HP levels and you just HAVE to hop it up.

  • Enter our supercharger pulley system. Essentially a smaller outside diameter pulley which in turn rotates the blower at a higher rate, thus increasing boost and of course cramming MORE air into the engine. The of course equates to MORE HP. Crafted from a precision alloy steel to offer great strength, yet strategically machined down to offer a 36% weight reduction versus stock, offering a reduced load to the blower snout bearings (essential with the now far greater RPM and torque the under-driving produces). TRUE 66mm OD (2.59In) – not advertised size (competitors 2.6” pulley measure out at 2.65!!!) for peak boost levels.

Massive also has drilled and tapped the pulley in two places to allow it to be affixed with the standard press fit, AND the positive lock of a dog point set screw. Can be installed as is, or send your snout to us for for in house precise blind hole drilling for the ultimate in guaranteed pulley lock. We offer this service FREE with purchase of the pulley.

  • When runnning smaller pullies, the stock belt will tend to be too large and “orbit” around the blower pulley resulting in lower boost levels and eventual belt failure. So, we’ve included our Massive SC Tension System!

This is the first idler system that’s truly adjustable, the pulley mount features a T slot so it can be moved effortlessly and infinitely. Mounting to the blower face also eliminates the spindly M6 bolts and long bracketry used on other’s designs. This system bolts directly to the snout and applies addtional pressure and removes slack from belt meaning repeatable, safe, BIG boost for you – far superior belt wrap than any other design. Billet aluminum constuction for good looks and light weight. Bracketry anodized Massive PURPLE so folks know you use the best, pulley in HARD COAT BLACK for long service life. All stainless hardware looks great and won’t corrode.

Massive’s exclusive idler features super high quality NSK DOUBLE BALL BEARINGS that will give years of trouble free service. Don’t be fooled by other’s low quality single bearing units.

  • Of course with this greater air flow comes the need to match proper amounts of fuel. We have included an SCT ExCalibrator flash tuner device with a CUSTOM file written just for these pullies, and of course tailored to YOUR car. More about the tuner:

Prepare yourself for the next generation of handheld tuners! Introducing the X3 Power Flash Tuner from SCT. The X3 is the latest development in the legendary Xcalibrator Line of flash tuning tools to come out of SCT’s ingenious minds.

Based off of SCT’s premier LiveWire Tuner, the X3 takes the Xcalibrator to a whole new level with features such as enhanced data logging with 8 times the onboard memory (128MB Total!), an upgraded 4-line backlit display, and the ability to hold not only custom tunes, but also dyno proven strategy tunes for your stock or mostly cars at the same time!

The Xcalibrator 3 features stand alone tune adjustments for tweaking both your custom tunes and the strategy tunes without the need for a computer or laptop. This is perfect for not only the knowledgeable owner to tweak their tune to track conditions, but also for the basic user to compensate for items such as gear and tire size changes.

If you want more power, more control, and better gas mileage at the same time, the SCT X3 Power Flash Tuner is the answer to your prayers!

  • This greater boost and power level requires new spark plugs with a colder heat range to reduce combustion temps. We have included a premium set of NGK V Power spark plugs.
  • Proper installation REQUIRES a specialized puller. Either purchase it as part of the PAK, or save money deleting the tool and send your snout to us for professional application!

Others who would have you spend your weekend attempting to install their pullies without success. This is NOT your standard puller, regular pullers WILL damage your blower snout. This said, install is a fairly simple process. This entire install, (the pulley, the reflash and the plugs) should take less than 2 hours for your average car guy or girl.


All of these fine components are right here in the USA.


Tune – We write each file to your cars specs. We’ll of course need your year, but if you’ve got other mods like a K&N intake or a JBA headers with an off road X pipe, let us know and we will tune accordingly.

Does the tuner stay in my car? What do I do with it?

The tuner communicates with your computer via the OBD II (On Board Diagnostics) port found on the lower part of your dash. It simply plugs in, will give you some simple on screen instructions, loads the file and is done. It can then be removed from the car, or left somewhere convenient in the car for future use. Remember, the ExCal is also an advanced datalogger, you can basically have a window to all of your cars computers sensors and functions, including CEL (Check Engine Light) or other codes. The computer can always be flashed back to stock after install.

Will this void my warranty?

Yes and no. Only if your dealer can specifically PROVE that your modification caused a failure will warranty coverage be excluded for that part (an engine mod wont disqualify you if a cupholder breaks, etc.). That said, this is a substantial increase in power. Its probably unwise to bring this to your dealer installed if you have a failure.

Does this really add 100+ HP?

YES! Plain and simple. We are increasing boost and adding fuel – this WILL make the HP, and is not some bogus unsubstantiated claim.

Is this safe?

Yes. The GT 500 motor is essentially an iron version of the Ford GT Supercars motor. That engine has been proven to well over 1000HP. Ford built the heck out of this motor and you can expect it to hold up to years of abuse. With the proper tune, good gas, the colder plugs, this is a very low risk way to add HUGE power.

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