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Massive Trophy Valley Plates - Knock Sensor Eliminated

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Product Description

Are you running a carburetor on your LS swap? Or did your tuner decide to eliminate the OEM knock sensors on your EFI build? If so, eliminate your unsightly stock valley plate and bulky sensor wiring in favor of our clean Trophy series solid valley plate!!! FULL 1/4” Thick 6061 CNC Laser Cut quality. Thick enough to easily support drilling and tapping should you wish to add a breather port. Unlike our competitors, our plates are all fully anodized for max corrosion protection – the other guys give you raw mill finished aluminum – which will corrode and show every water spot immediately!!! Isn’t “looking good” one of our main objectives with this upgrade anyways???

Weighs in ~ 2 pounds less than an OEM valley plate, sensors and wiring!!!

We include polished chrome plated 12 point head ARP Style grade 10.9 large flange hardware!

NOT for use with OEM knock sensors.

Made right here in the USA!!!

Fits ALL 97-07 Gen III (non DOD) LS based engines!

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