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FUELAB 5010 Series Fuel Pressure Regulator UNIVERSAL

Brand: FUELAB | Category: Fuel Pressure Regulators
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
50101 Adjustable Bypass Regulator
Bypass Range 4-12psi
50102 Adjustable Bypass Regulator
Bypass Range 10-25psi
50103 Adjustable Bypass Regulator
Bypass Range 25-90psi

Product Description

FUELAB 5010x Series Fuel Pressure Regulators are designed with performance and flexibility in mind. They accept port style and non-port style union fittings without interference. The 5010x Series Fuel Pressure Regulator has a -6AN return port located on the bottom. Use with our Velocity Series 200 GPH lift pump for greater ability to maintain fuel pressure on demand, supporting up to 1500 HP.

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