Massive Speed PRE-INSTALLED PRO Trapped Oil Control Pan Baffle Duratec Ecoboost Focus 2.0 2.3 2.5 w/ Balance Shaft Delete


Massive Speed PRE-INSTALLED PRO Trapped Oil Control Pan Baffle Duratec Ecoboost Focus 2.0 2.3 2.5 w/ Balance Shaft Delete

Genuine: Massive Speed System

Trapped System

Fits: Duratec / MZR Motor in OEM Ford Ecoboost 2.0 Turbo / 2.3 FWD Oil Pan AND some 2.5 NA.

Works with any Duratec motor that can use above pan

13-18 Focus ST RS Fusion 2.0 and 2.5 Escape 2.0 and 2.5 Transit Connect 2.5 Explorer 2.0 Edge 2.0 Taurus Lincoln MKZ 2.0

massive MAEN'16727

     PRE INSTALLED - PRO - In many models, later production model's OEM oil pan no longer had tapped (threaded) holes to mount our baffle. Blame cost cutting accountants who saved a few pennies per car, whatever the case, it's a real bummer to pull down your oil pan and realize you'll need a precision drill, center punch, drill bit and of course the correct tap to make the threads, and of course matching hardware. We have taken all of the difficult work out of the equation with this new item. We procure brand new in box genuine Ford cast oil pans, drill and tap them , then pre install the baffle with proper hardware, thread locked of course for worry free use. Naturally we've also included our balance shaft delete kit AND we even toss our NEW 7075 aluminum magnetic oil drain plug to help trap any nasty particulates from damaging your engine. Designed for use on many 2.0 or 2.3 Ecoboost FWD applications.


Trapped Oil Control System:

Under hard driving situations, in particular road racing, circle track and auto crossing, oil will tend to "slosh" to one end of the pan. If this happens to be the side opposite the oil pickup, your engine will be starved of its lubricant!!! Prevent this costly, time consuming tragedy with Massive's new "Trapped" oil control system!!! Precisely calculated oiling paths allow proper draining of oil while maintaining an effective level. Constructed of all aluminum to conserve weight right here in the USA!  NEW Version 2.0 features greater accuracy, lighter weight, superior availability and the anodized finish allows oil to drain back to pickup faster vs absorbing into the aluminum substrate. Installs with basic hand tools in about 1.5 hours.

Balance Shaft Delete:

Free up excessive engine rotational drag by removing the balance shaft assembly from your Ecoboost engine with the Massive Balance Shaft Delete Kit. The heavy balance shaft assembly (An ASTOUNDING 19 POUNDS!!!) can be easily removed allowing your engine to respond faster.

There are no adverse effects caused by removing the balance shafts. Adds REAL horsepower and allows engine to rev FASTER!!! Install can be completed with basic hand tools in about an hour. Includes full color photographic install instructions.

Includes all necessary components to block the oil feed to the balance shaft assembly in the 2.0/2.3 Ecoboost Engine.

Manufactured IN HOUSE at Massive Speed’s headquarter right here in the USA!!! Massive’s exclusive ALL lightweight 6061 Aluminum construction offers identical expansion rates to the OE aluminum block for improved seal. Anodized Massive PURPLE and laser engraved with Massive logo. Blue Flourosilicone O Ring offers superior longevity to regular buna materials used by competitors. Hardened fine pitch bolt and washer for the ultimate in strength. Includes necessary Loc Tite.


NEW MAG Oil Plug

* MAGNETIC - Catches harmful particulates in your engine oil that can be disposed of each oil change.  Particularly helpful on new engine builds when the likelihood of left over machining chips and break in particulates would be highest
* Hybrid O Ring Style Seal - Genuine Fel Pro BUNA N rubber o rings SEAL in that most important lifeblood, while being fully reusable, unlike many OEM and competitors oil plugs that use copper or aluminum washers.  These not only _don't_ work very well, but they are easily lost, discarded, or forgotten by discount oil change flunkies.  They are also costly as they are supposed to be replaced with each use.  
* BIG 1" HEX - Allows you to use a LARGE tool with LOTS of surface area contact so it wont round off.  Still allows wrench or 1" socket access in all tested pans.  
* 7075 Aluminum alloy construction - STRONG - Way stronger than no name China imports found online.  That means they will LAST even on your race cars that see weekly oil changes.  This alloy has lots of zinc and magnesium for toughness and corrosion resistance.  It's also the same material as the oil pan, so while other plugs are made out of steel, they tend to allow for galvanic corrosion due to dis-similar metals, thus causing SEIZED oil plugs!!!
* Neodymium Magnet - We didn't use a left over refrigerator magnet like some mystery vendors.  We spec'd out a super high gauss unit with lots of pull strength to gather max metallics.  It's zinc plated to resist oxidation and is stable to 590 degrees before degradation of magnetism.  
* STUNNING - It's awesome.  Just look at it.  

Manufactured IN HOUSE at Massive Speed's headquarters right here in the USA!!!