Massive RaceSpec Adjustable Lower Control Arm 1998-2011 Panther Chassis


Massive RaceSpec Adjustable Lower Control Arm 1998-2011 Panther Chassis

RaceSpec Fully adjustable Lower control arms
Fully adjustable for lowered or raised vehicles. Precisely set pinion angle.

Control arms feature 1.25” OD .336” wall Aluminum Alloy body will handle ANY power level.  Anodized for good looks, corrosion resistance and long life.

FK 3/4” 21150 lb Load capacity PTFE Composite race spherical rod ends – super strength yet metallic contact isolated – NO NOISE! LONG LIFE! NO LUBRICATION NECESSARY! Years of exhausting research at the race track and on the street have led us to these “cost-no-object” ends!!!

Billet BIG O.D. Custom machined rod end step bushings – Not off the shelf tiny pieces! Dare to compare! HD construction made just for this purpose where rotary motion is most critical but torque loads are great. Won't let your factory stamped steel brackets twist or bend. BIG HP cars will tear lesser pieces to shreds.

Includes Massive's HARDCORE HARDWARE kit. Only the finest 170,000 PSI Grade 10.9 bolts with Nylock nuts and plated washers. Strong enough for all power levels and replaces your weak rusted stock stuff.

Quality made IN HOUSE right here in THE USA!!!

Full spherical rod end construction eliminate flabby rubber – this means your rear will be planted were it’s supposed to be, dramatically improving traction and handling performance, and allowing far greater articulation and flex. Double adjustable with opposing threads so adjustments can be made while installed, makes centering of your lifted or lowered axle a snap. Massive logo so folks know you use the best. Simple install with basic hand tools.




1998- 2011 Ford       Crown Victoria

1998- 2011 Lincoln    Town car 

1998- 2011 Mercury  Grand Marquis

2003- 2004 Mercury  Marauder