New 2021+ Bronco Control Arms Upper & Lower Panhard Track Bar Adjustable Suspension Kit


New 2021+ Bronco Control Arms Upper & Lower Panhard Track Bar Adjustable Suspension Kit


SupeRock Lower Rear Control Arms

Fully Adjustable

Upper Control Arms

Panhard / Track Bar

Let's face it. The new Bronco is going to be one of the most lifted vehicles EVER. Right up there with box Caprices. For real tho. If you're reading this and you OWN a Bronco (or tryna own one!), chances are... you're going to lift it at some point and time. You want to fit bigger tires. You want more off road ground clearance. You want it to look TOUGH.
One of the things that goes along with properly lifting any vehicle is resetting alignment specs, correcting geometry, obtaining proper pinion angle and of course setting your Bronc up for max flex with some ADJUSTABLE tubular control arms. Massive has jumped on this situation and we are releasing a full suite of rear suspension parts to complete your job. They are the finest quality. They look amazing (6 friggin color choices!!!!). 

100% MADE in the USA. And we made the ethical choice to price them fairly - you can pay more , but you wont find better.

Massive’s Traction Satisfaction kit offer a combination of strength, quality, ease of install and TRACTION.

Here's what we have to say about them:

Massive's new suspension parts not only look fantastic - but they work hard too:

Made in USA - Panhard and Uppers constructed of big 1.5" .120" wall steel - many magnitudes stronger than stock!


SupeRock lowers - GIGANTIC 1.75" OD with a ridiculous .250" WALL!!! Adjustable - allows you to properly center the wheel within the well, the axle side to side, set pinion angle and establish proper thrust angle - all crucial when lifting the vehicle

Full FK Teflon lined spherical rod end construction - zero bind for superior handling and allows proper damper tuning

Panhard / track rod bar and Uppers feature BIG 3/4" Rod ends allow for maximum articulation for improved crawling capabilities and improved strength 

Billet Panhard relocation system for MAX clearance, allows for installation of larger axles, diff covers and arms


Lowers use ABSURD 7/8" 3 piece teflon lined rod end

Adjustable ON CAR - Unlike some competitors that require arms to be partially removed, adjusted then reinstalled with hopes that settings are correct, resulting in costly, time consuming and inaccurate settings.

Neoprene Booted to keep trail nasties out, extending life

Powder coated for good looks and corrosion resistance

This fit ALL 2021+ Bronco full size, 2 door, 4 door, Sasquatch and non. 2.3 and 2.7 Ecoboost engines. Auto and Manual.

  • Quality made IN HOUSE right here in THE USA!!!