Massive Speed Extra Length Crank Damper Balancer Pulley Bolt LS1Gen lll V8 ARP LS LSX

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Massive Speed Extra Length Crank Damper Balancer Pulley Bolt LS1Gen lll V8 ARP LS LSX

Genuine Massive Speed: Precision Crank Bolt Kit for GM LS / Gen III / IV 3 4 Series V8 Engines.


Still fits ALL LS Motors '97- today except LS7.

Perfect for getting proper thread engagement on those DAMAGED crank snout threads!!! Did you (or someone else?) use a stock or other bolt to attempt to draw down the press fit crank pulley? Those who have tried this soon realize the first several threads will be pulled out of the crank... often rendering the crank useless. Massive has released this new XL-LS Extended length bolt that travels further into the threaded crank snout to engage more thread, giving your damaged crankshaft new life. The OEM bolt only engages the last 22mm of thread. Our new XL-LS bolt offers 32mm of engagement, a 50% increase. So even if the first few mm of your crank threads are damaged, merely clean out any material, and you will obtain proper or even increased thread bond!

Others have used the superior torque transfer on their crank driven supercharged cars for enhanced clamp load.

  • Our bolt is a full 10mm longer than the OE or ARP bolt.

Because, who couldn't use an extra 10mm?

Truly superior strength is needed on this most critical of load bearing fasteners. The crankshaft sees immense kinetic energy! Both twisting and lateral loads are exerted on this one area, and to an even greater degree on belt driven supercharged cars.

OEM fasteners are one-time-use - they stretch and must be replaced, so upgrading with the Massive Speed Precision unit is a "no-brainer". Grade 12.9 197,000 PSI tensile strength 12 point flanged bolt finished in black oxide places superior clamp only load to balancer through the use of a separate washer plate (a full 1/4" thick!) versus the 1 piece stocker.

Fully reusable. Will not fit LS7. Crank bolt should never be used to install balancer, use of proper tool is necessary.

These are every bit as strong as the other guys, but priced right, and IN STOCK!!!

Made right here in the USA!!!

NOW INCLUDES Genuine ULTRA-TORQUE Moly Assembly Lube!!! The other guys DON'T Include it!