Massive Xeramik Spark Cables Plug Wires

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Massive Xeramik Spark Cables Plug Wires

Massive Speed System XERAMIK - MSX90 9mm Ignition Wires - Ceramic

FORD 2020+

V8 Gasoline 445 Cubic Inch CI CID
7.3 Gas Gasoline Engine
Found in Ford Heavy Duty Trucks
F-250 F-350 F-450 F-550 F-600 F53
Econoline Cab and Chassis / Cutaway
Motorhome Camper Chassis

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Ceramic Boots for the most extreme heat applications! Silicone low resistance spark plug wires for max spark energy

Ford's new Godzilla engine is a big tough engine that provides tons of power and rock solid construction.  The spark plug wires they included.... not so much.  They have been known to fail literally on the dealer's lots, if not on trucks with only a few miles.  Poor quality materials and workmanship cause misfires, poor idle, loss of power and limp mode.  Expect lots of random misfire codes and your service department asking you to drop it off immediately.  The factory stamped steel heat reflector looks cool and  provides good short term heat shielding.  But long term, heavy hauling engines create lots of heat.  After a short exposure, this steel boot becomes a conductor. It absorbs the radiant heat and proceeds to cook the boot and connection inside.  This leads to very premature failure.


 Massive released their performance wires over a year ago and many have welcomed their superior performance.  BUT.  If they weren't clocked juuuuust right, contact could occur and wires/boots were still getting melted.  We decided the NUCLEAR option was the way to go.  A full on ceramic (Real ceramic - its like if your coffee mug took on a second life as a bad ass hot rod part) boot that WILL NOT be melted, the ultimate insulator.   Say goodbye to potential on road troubles, limp modes, CELs and failures once and for all with the new Massive Xeramik series wires!!!! 
  • High performance silicone jacketed wire offers FAR lower resistance for increased HP
  • Xeramik Series - REAL Ceramic Plug side boot
  • Glass impregnated outer layer for max heat rejection

massive MSX 05-MSC90.x

Install in place of small diameter factory wires. REALLY improves spark characteristics. Expect a smoother idle, MORE horsepower, and even a little better gas mileage!

  • 9mm Diameter FIREBraid continuous filament Fiberglass exterior sleeve for protection up to 1200°F.

  • Silicone Jacket Polyester reinforced insulation.

  • Extra thick high temp boots for excellent life and to keep the elements from corroding the contacts.

  • Wound Core Mag-Wire 500 ohm/ft = maximum R.F.I. and E.M.I. protection @ 1/10 resistance of Carbon Core conductor.

  • OEM Wires measure over 3000 ohms per foot by comparison!!!
  • Quality made in the USA - Designed, Egineered, Tested, made in the USA with majority content US components