Massive Cam Timing Alignment Tool Set Pin Bar Zetec Duratec 2.0 2.3 2.5 SVT

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Massive Cam Timing Alignment Tool Set Pin Bar Zetec Duratec 2.0 2.3 2.5 SVT

A MUST for cam swaps, timing belt/chain jobs or your hardcore engine build. Another Massive exclusive!!!

Ford / Mazda 2.0L Zetec Engines found in:

  • Focus 

  • Escape

  • ZX2 Escort

  • S/R

  • SVT 

  • Mariner Contour Mondeo

  • Cougar

  • Locost Caterham Birkin 7 LS 40

  • Tribute


NEW UPGRADED 2016 Version 2.0!!!

Superior alternative to:

  • OTC 303-465 (T94P-6256-CH) Camshaft Alignment Plate

  • OTC 303-574 (T97-P6000-A) Timing Peg, Crankshaft TDC Zetec

  • OTC 303-507 Timing Peg, Crankshaft TDC Duratec

  • AST FM 2300 Peg Bar Ford / Mazda Duratec / MZR

  • Lisle 37410

A true “cut above” in quality and accuracy! You’ll need these tools to positively hold your crank and cams in place whilst timing your motor. Several manufacturers have discontinued their tools. None offered the level of precision found here. 3 piece kit covers all Zetec and Duratec motors.

This high-quality kit features both the cam lock gage, and 2 crank stop TDC pins (One for Zetec, one Duratec! This kit covers both!). Using both will allow you to be 100% certain your cam install results in proper timing – failing to do so can have very disastrous results – bent valves, smashed pistons, etc.

Gage is much more than simply a piece of bar stock like others have produced – it is a much thicker (and hence stronger) bar that features 2 machined releifs offering a TIGHT +/- .001” fit. A much more accurate means of locking your cams, resulting in less need for cam degreeing post install.

Housed in our custom clear tube case with Massive Yellow vinyl caps. Case keeps them all together, fits in a tool box drawer just perfect and the clear wall makes certain your remember whats in there! The high vis yellow will make sure you don't leave them on a car and makes tracking down unscrupulous tool thieves so much easier.

Pins are super tolerant monolithic machined 6061 aluminum for an exact fit. Pins are anodized in high vis Massive Purple for corrosion resistance and this bright coloring will help to remind user of removal (we've seen folks leave it in – NOT good!). Should pin be left in, aluminum construction will give way without harming vital engine internals. Handle area has built in hex for tool usage. Alpha stamping so you’ll know the difference between the 2 pin styles. Quality made IN HOUSE right here in the USA!!!

Call us [phone removed by eBay] for all your Ford 4 cylinder needs. We are the Duratec / Zetec performance pros!